Manage AI in a human way

What is This Workshop About?

This workshop is designed for enterprises who aim to align their technology initiatives with the European AI Act and related data privacy considerations like the EU GDPR. Given the EU's leadership in regulating AI and data privacy, understanding and complying with the EU AI Act is crucial for companies operating or planning to operate or planning to sell in Europe or handle European data, ensuring their products, services, and data practices meet the highest standards of privacy and ethical AI use.

How Does It Work?

1. Once you fill the form and provide necessary details, our team will contact you with an option to schedule an in-take call wherein we discuss the scope, benefit and relevance of this workshop for you and your colleagues.

2. Upon agreement in the in-take call, you receive an agreement to sign and invoice to pay.

3. As soon as we have received the payment, the agreed stakeholders shall receive the invitation for Managing AI Workshop. And, the workshop will then be conducted on the agreed date.

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WOrkShop Topics

Know the EU AI Act requirements and manage risks

The EU AI Act provides a legal framework for trustworthy AI, emphasizing both innovation and the protection of fundamental rights and values. We help you understand the key requirements and necessary actions you need to take for compliance with this EU AI Act in conjunction with EU GDPR.


To understand the what and why of EU AI Act. We start with basics of what Is AI, ML, Robotics & NLP.

Then we discuss why is it becoming important and the risks, harms & benefits of AI in your context.


We share facts to dispel myths. We guide you on various AI frameworks and approaches while delving into details of the EU AI Act requirements. We also align on key use-cases for your company.


We work together to identify the necessary actions relating to compliance with the EU AI Act and EU GDPR. Collectively, we develop a roadmap for leveraging AI in a safe, compliant and trustworthy way that is good for your business.

Your Benefits

What do you and your colleagues get out of this workshop?


You know the facts and can make decisions knowing what is the truth.

Strategic Advantage

Equip your team with the know-how to navigate EU regulations, giving your enterprise a competitive edge.

Compliance Mastery

You gain knowledge of the European AI Act, its classifications, and the implications for your business.


You gain clarity on key actions to take and have a roadmap to leveraging AI for your company in a trustworthy way.

Risk Mitigation

You know the potential risks and liabilities related to AI and data privacy and can plan for mitigation.

Future Proof

Your understand the AI regulation and data privacy laws to better plan and future-proof your business for gaining trust of customers.

Know the facts and actions...

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