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To provide businesses and individuals with knowledge, skills and advice

What exactly do we do on the ground?

We can be your Data Protection Officer (DPO),  EU representative or Privacy Advisor on a full or part time basis. Our team of senior data privacy consultant will usually take necessary actions to achieve compliance. This includes:
  • Privacy audits or assessment
  • Setup and operationalize privacy program and governance
  • Create and maintain Records of Processing Activity (ROPA) or data inventory or data maps
  • Create and maintain Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) or Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Create and maintain a privacy register to ensure regulatory compliance by keeping evidence of actions and decisions 
  • Identify risks, maintain a register of risks and prioritize actions on high risk areas to reduce risk score 
  • Provide generic and specific privacy awareness training for your employees and management
  • Advise and support business management teams in operating in privacy compliant manner
  • Collaborate with data security team on necessary actions for personal data breaches
  • Any other actions, as necessary

"Working with FIT4Privacy proved to be a fantastic decision.  With a very hands on and professional approach, Punit conducted and rolled out a privacy culture survey throughout our organization, allowing us to gauge in a very visible way where the main gaps were so that the follow up bespoke privacy trainings could be as targeted as possible.  That, coupled with the collaborative work between Punit and ourselves to create a privacy governance policy along with an accompanying privacy compliance playbook, led us to measurably increase the awareness of privacy within the organization and to raise its privacy maturity within a few months.  I highly recommend FIT4Privacy's outstanding work and work ethics coupled with the gracious manner in helping organizations like ours succeed."   

Chief Privacy Officer of global financial services provider

Your Data Privacy Consultant and Training is here.

We help you to protect the privacy of personal data from your customers, employees and third party personnel.

You are a CISO or Director of Security and assigned data privacy responsibility.

We help you by conducting a GDPR-based privacy risk assessment to identify gaps, defining a strategy, setting up a privacy compliance roadmap, and managing your privacy program so that you can get in control of your privacy risks and start to demonstrate your control over privacy matters.

You are a seasoned CPO or DPO who has completed a data privacy program.

We help you in improving maturity by conducting a privacy culture survey, or a maturity assessment so that you identify privacy and data protection areas to further improve your company's data privacy maturity. 

You are a CPO or DPO and are working on data privacy program or audit actions.

We help you in managing your data privacy risks, following up the audit or assessment actions to closure, or become part of your team to support you on a part or full time basis. Selectively, we can also open to mentor you.
"I had the pleasure of working with Punit for my most recent privacy role. I quickly found Punit to be practically knowledgeable, concise, and a valuable advisor. He provided privacy support for the organization prior to my arrival and he and his consulting firm created some of the best work I've seen in my short privacy career. He was absolutely committed to a smooth transition of items and was readily available when I had questions. His advice was not limited to privacy matters. He provided great strategic advice and presented it in a way that was safe. One of the many strengths his consulting firm has is how he supports you when working with business units. He offered his opinions in a way that supported by position without being intrusive. My transition and take over of the privacy function at my company is one of the smoothest and collaborative experiences I've had as a privacy professional.

Punit and FIT4PRIVACY can help with any and all aspects of a privacy program. The methodology his firm uses can be applied to any privacy regulatory framework in the world. There will be, of course, some adjustments that need to be made, but they are minor.

I'm proud to endorse and recommend Punit and his firm to anyone looking for some privacy help. He and his firm are a rare resource in a crowded industry (privacy consulting)."

Privacy Counsel at US based healthcare provider

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"When we hired FIT4PRIVACY, we were planning to go public. We needed a clear strategy and a clear view on risks. We are immensely pleased that the team led by Punit conducted an assessment, built a strategy and quantified our risk exposure in a matter of few months. Thanks to them, we are have now created a sustained compliance with privacy laws and also created a culture of privacy. If you are looking for advice on privacy matters, we would wholeheartedly recommend them as they know their stuff, keep things simple, provide a very high quality outcome and are super professional."

VP & Head of Information Security & Privacy 


We help you in creation of a your company's data privacy approach and strategy to maintain compliance with privacy laws like EU General Data Protection Regulation, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) etc. so that you minimize the costs and maximize the impact of your efforts while achieving compliance with applicable data privacy landscape.


We help you in creating a culture of privacy by providing bespoke employee training that is department specific. e.g. your procurement team is provided with a scenario based data privacy training that includes how to manage third party contracts and reduce risk from data transfers. This means your employees will understand and own privacy actions in context of their needs.


Our data privacy as a service approach means your company is assured that your privacy program and privacy operations are set-up and managed in an effective by our experienced data privacy consultant (s) who have experiences in sectors like financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and so on. This means we can be your DPO on demand on full or part time basis to operationalize privacy.


We help you to assess the current state of your company's privacy and data protection compliance for identification of gaps and privacy risk (s) so that you take necessary actions to ensure that business processes are fit for privacy. Our assessments cover the applicable regulatory landscape.  Our assessments include areas like personal data security, cross border data transfers, data mapping etc.
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Your weekly dose of what challenges others are facing, how they are solving their data privacy challenges and how is the the data privacy space evolving. This is where you listen to industry experts in open and candid conversations. Follow it on your favourite podcast app. 

Privacy Coffeeehouse

A networking event like no other. because  no one is presenting to you and no one has an agenda. It is pure data privacy conversations you choose. It is just like a coffee house or bar wherein you enter, choose a table, have a chat and if you don't like it, you move to the next table.

Ask Me Anything

A signature event wherein you ask questions on data privacy and data protection matters for an insightful perspective from our CEO Punit Bhatia. This is for you if you like to have inputs and ideas from someone who has done it and loves sharing his knowledge.

Our data privacy consultant manages data privacy.
So that, you can focus on your business

Data Privacy Consultant (s) with global mindset

Globally oriented

We believe data privacy is a global issue. We all need privacy. Whether it is EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) or Chinese Data Protection Law, privacy laws are here to stay as well. And, we as a company believe that you do not need to do a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) every time a privacy law comes up. Therefore, we provide you with a global privacy approach that cuts across the regulatory landscape and covers the jurisdictions your company operates in. Our risk assessment approach helps you to identify the gaps and create a privacy program based on best-in-class privacy practices. Our principle based approach to regulatory compliance combined with scenario based approach to employee training means you take a global approach to compliance with privacy laws while enabling a culture of privacy and trust.
Business oriented Data Privacy Advice & Inputs

For Your Business

Whether your company is a data controller or data processor, we believe your company needs a holistic approach that is based data governance of consumer data. Therefore we help you to create and rollout a holistic privacy program (not just a General Data Protection Regulation project). Our expert and hands on program management approach plays a critical role in ensuring that your business leaders are comfortable about being able to maintain compliance on an ongoing basis (e.g. data subject rights can be exercised, privacy audit actions are closed, data breaches are monitored, ), avoid fines and have time to focus on your core business objectives (e.g. focus on leveraging the power of data using the data analytics in right way, delivering on your business strategy and expanding your business). You can count us as your trusted advisors who help you manage privacy issues and build trust based on our experience of working with other like you. Count on the consulting experience of our senior data privacy consultants to help you manage data privacy while you manage business.  

Our clients love our data privacy consultant's work  

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Chief Privacy Officer of financial Services provider
They are experts in the field of data protection for sure but it’s the ability to teach and coach that has had the biggest impact on me and my own business. Also great at seeing improvement opportunities and offering pragmatic suggestions to clients in such a way they can be implemented in their businesses with ease, and offering full support throughout. Highly recommended! 
Mark TOWNeNd, Business owner
We have received very positive feedback from our members, who appreciated your ability to make a complex issue like GDPR understandable. I am sure that from the number of questions from the audience you are aware that topic was of a great interest to everyone. We very much appreciate that you could find time to take part in our meeting
Isabelle Premont, President
I was really unfamiliar in that territory, which is why I got in touch with FIT4PRIVACY. And almost immediately they knew exactly what I needed to do. But what was really important was that they were so clear and to the point that it just seemed so much less daunting than I originally thought it was going to be. And everything they said was so easy to understand that I feel like those weights lifted off my shoulders. 
Georgina FOX, Business Owner
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