Elite Privacy Manager Masterclass for CIPM

Duration ~ 8-16 hours
Exam: Yes
Certificate: Yes
Prerequisites: None
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Course overview
If you intend to become a master at managing privacy situations in day to day life, and be proficient in your job, this course is a must for you. This details how to set a privacy program, manage and sustain it in an organization.

This is especially useful if you want to take certifications such as CIPM.

No Legal Jargon

The course is created using simple language that is free from legal jargon so that you understand concepts easily.

Practitioner Approach

The course is created by a practitioner so that you get concepts and experiences that come from the real world.

Scenario Based

The course includes real life scenarios to ensure that you understand the applicability of concepts.

Practice & Exam

The course includes a practice quiz, practice exam and an actual exam so that you feel confident of your learnings.

In this course, you will find answers to following questions:

What is privacy ?

Start with the basics of Privacy and understand the fundamentals.

What are the critical success factors in privacy program?

You learn the difference betwen what makes a privacy program successful.

How to set a privacy program?

You learn what are the key elements and steps in setting a successful privacy program.

How to operationalize privacy programs?

You learn the tips and secrets to put your privacy programs into practice.

How to manage a privacy program?

You learn the different aspects of managing a privacy program and how to put those in practice.

How do I put theory into reality?

You learn how to bring what you have learnt into play various scenarios so that theory becomes reality.

Elite Privacy Manager Masterclass

Learn about how to create, set, manage and operationalize privacy programs.

What's included?

Expert courses with GDPR, data protection and data privacy coverage.

On-demand Video Lectures

Quizzes and Practice Exams

Module Based Structure

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who provides CIPM certification?
Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) certification is provided by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).  You can find more details on IAPP website. For information, IAPP is a not for profit organization.
Is IAPP CIPM certification fee included?
No. You must organize and pay for the International Association of Privacy Professionals i.e.., directly for certification and exam.
How much time do you need to study?
We recommend that you study 40-60 hours. Remember, this is an average and based on your personal learning style, you may need more or less time.
Is there a guarantee?
Based on our experience and other students, we strongly believe that you will pass. If you do not pass the real-exam after following all our instructions, we will return your money back.
Is this in-person training course?
No, this is a completely online course where in you get online access to extensive videos, quiz and exam for a period of 90 days. To support you, you also receive emails 
How many questions are there in your exam?
It is difficult to answer how many questions because we update our knowledge base and questions every one year basis. At present, there are more than 150 plus questions in our bank that are used as exam questions by us.
Do I need to be IAPP member to enroll?
No, IAPP membership is not required to enroll for this course.
Can this be used for training data processing staff?
You are welcome to purchase training for your staff. This privacy in  technology training can be helpful for technology professionals in software engineering teams and those developing IT products and services. We also have dedicated programs for training data processing staff of your company.
What are the responsibilities in a data privacy job?
Part of your role in privacy team, you will be managing privacy in technology and  internal data protection practices like guiding or training staff, monitoring compliance by conducting internal audits, advising on international data transfers, plus define, promote and improve a culture of privacy. For this, you will need to become an expert in privacy, collaborate with information security team, understand basics of software engineering and this is where this course helps you create a professional profile.
Why does this course focus on European regulatory landscape?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect on May 25, 2018. This law means the national data protection laws in Europe are now harmonized inline EU GDPR. The EU has some of the most stringent data protection laws in the world. Therefore, this online training is focused on European regulatory landscape and the related data protection practices.
Is CIPT certification same as CIPM?
No. CIPM is Certified Information Privacy Manager and it focuses on management aspect of privacy. And, CIPT is Certified Information Privacy Technologist and it focuses on technology aspects of privacy. Consider CIPT certification as a technology training for privacy professionals, or privacy training for technology professionals so that they understand privacy considerations.
When do I get my result for your exam?
You get your result immediately after submitting the exam answers.

Our students love us  

I just got curious about data Privacy in 2019 and ran into Punit on the discussion forum and the app and he's been very helpful. He develops highly customized and personalized assistance and how to study for the exam.
Punit helped me to find direction and by enrolling myself for the courses designed by him, I could understand the concepts without legal jargon. Deep learning such as this is difficult to achieve except through the ongoing process of mentoring. I whole hardly recommend Punit as a mentor
The step-by-step approach he adopts through the training videos, takes candidates through best practices. The course was not only about exam preparations; it prepared you for what after getting certified.

Punit Bhatia

Privacy Expert, Trainer, Coach, Consultant
Punit is amongst the leading privacy experts. He is an author of three books including #1 GDPR book named “Be Ready For GDPR”, host at #3 GDPR podcast named FIT4Privacy and speaker at 30+ global events. Punit is now helping individuals and business in making privacy simple and manageable as trainer, coach and consultant.

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