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Our Mission

To provide businesses and individuals with privacy knowledge and skills


We help you and your DPO in creation of a privacy strategy, and setup of governance.


We help you and your staff to be aware of what must be known in context of job role.


We help you in creating a culture of privacy where the business teams own privacy actions.


We help you and your DPO to ascertain if the actions taken are good enough. 

We help you create a culture of privacy.
So that, you can focus on your business

Sky is the limit

Globally oriented

We believe privacy is a global issue. We all need privacy. Therefore, we provide you with solutions that cut across jurisdictions and boundaries. Our solutions are based on best-in-class privacy practices and provide a principled approach to privacy compliance. 
Business oriented

For Your Business

We believe privacy solutions must fit and serve your business needs. You cannot manage your business with a one size fits all approach. Therefore we provide you with solutions that are fit for the purpose. For example, you train a procuremnt officer with what is needed for their role rathen than geenric privacy training.

Our clients love us

They are experts in the field of data protection for sure but it’s the ability to teach and coach that has had the biggest impact on me and my own business. Also great at seeing improvement opportunities and offering pragmatic suggestions to clients in such a way they can be implemented in their businesses with ease, and offering full support throughout. Highly recommended! 
Mark TOWNeNd, Business owner
We have received very positive feedback from our members, who appreciated your ability to make a complex issue like GDPR understandable. I am sure that from the number of questions from the audience you are aware that topic was of a great interest to everyone. We very much appreciate that you could find time to take part in our meeting
Isabelle Premont, President
I was really unfamiliar in that territory, which is why I got in touch with FIT4PRIVACY. And almost immediately they knew exactly what I needed to do. But what was really important was that they were so clear and to the point that it just seemed so much less daunting than I originally thought it was going to be. And everything they said was so easy to understand that I feel like those weights lifted off my shoulders. 
Georgina FOX, Business Owner

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